Math and Logic Program

K-6th Grade

The Math and Logic Program was established in 1989, it has more than one hundred thousand students all over the world.  The classes will help students advance academically and gain self-confidence.  Students will learn problem solving and independent logical thinking skills. By using our specially designed tools, students not only understand the concept but also build a strong math foundation.  Most importantly, children will enjoy and love learning mathematics.                               The Math and Logic program develop your child’s ability to think Analytically, Creatively and Critically. Let’s awaken the “Math Genius” in your child. 


Montessori Junior Reading and Writing Club

K-2nd Grade

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"- Albert Einstein
The Montessori creative reading and writing program is designed for kids from age 5 to 8 years old.  Our program will encourage children to exercise their creative minds and practice using their imagination. It improves their ability to "Think outside of the box". Punctuation, word choice, word usage, spelling, and grammar are just some of the things children will receive practices as they write creatively.

Common Core Writing Enrichment Program

3rd-8th Grade


In accordance with the Common Core State Standards, this class offers help with academic writing. Students will learn the process and structure for writing academic essays.

We will guide your student from brainstorming to final product. Students will be taught how to recognize and use crucial patterns for writing essays in the format of descriptive, research, compare/contrast, persuasive, and much more.  This class is geared toward teaching your child how to write clear, organized, concise, and well informed pieces of writing for an academic setting.

Common Core Standards Reading Comprehension Program

3rd-6th Grade

Reading is a fundamental skill that allows a child to explore new worlds and gain life-changing knowledge. Our reading comprehension course is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and offers students skills to help them work through non-fiction texts.  Our class offers a variety of History, Science, and other non-fiction texts for students to examine. Our course will teach students the skills to decipher any text by using critical thinking to make connections and inferences. These skill will be developed by texts and accompanying questions that will challenge your student to think through texts to find main ideas and supporting details.   Your child will become a more involved and dynamic reader with the help of our reading comprehension skills development.

Common Core Mathematics Enrichment Program

4th-7th Grade


Is your child ready for Common Core tests?  In many ways, the computer-based test can be more complicated. Some questions require several calculations to come up with the answer, testing a deeper level of understanding. With our Common Core Standards curriculum and experienced teachers, we will ensure your kid is well prepared with new Common Core math skills.

Robotics for Kids

Division I: 1st-3rd Grade

Learn robotics with LEGO Education WeDo. Build snapping alligators, race cars, and spinning robots, then program them with the WeDo visual drag-and-drop programming software.

In this kids robotics course, students are taught engineering basics with an emphasis on exploration and trial and error field testing. Instead of simply "snapping bricks together," students are encouraged to think critically about how and why their design needs to adapt to changing conditions. Our guided, personalized instruction allows younger kids to understand more complicated engineering techniques such as gear use, pulleys, and inclined planes.


Division II: 4th-6th Grade

Design awesome machines with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education  Set and Software. Using visual drag-and-drop programming software, build a drag racer that speeds up as you cheer louder or a guard robot that growls at nearby intruders.

In this class, students experiment and discover engineering basics via trial and error field testing. Rather than just "snapping bricks together," students learn critical thinking skills and modify their robot designs based on varying conditions. The course exposes students to more complex engineering techniques such as pulleys, inclined planes, and gear use. Let's get building!

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